Day of European Authors: organise your event or join on 25 March!

The second edition of the Day of European Authors will take place on 25 March 2024 in all 40 Creative Europe countries, including Armenia, Georgia, and Ukraine.

The event consists of the following activities: reading events in schools, libraries and bookstores, tour of European authors, and conference on the European dimension of reading promotion

The EU-funded ‘Creative Europe’ programmes invites schools, bookshops, libraries and other partners of reading in all Creative Europe countries to organise events focusing on European authors.

These events can also be an opportunity to invite a representative from the book sector, such as a writer, translator or publisher. The aim of these meet-ups is to enhance the participants’ experience as well as raising awareness about the diversity of professions within the sector.

To register your event, please follow the link.

The European Commission is also organising a tour featuring 120 European authors who are meeting with young readers in all 40 Creative Europe countries. Many of them are going to travel across borders to meet an audience from a country other than their own. Thus, the authors will be able to share their work, engage in readings, and facilitate discussions on their works or other contemporary authors.

There will also be a conference on the promotion of reading, scheduled for 25-26 March 2024 in Leuven, Belgium. The conference is open to representatives of ministries of education and culture from the 27 EU countries and other Creative Europe and Erasmus+ programme countries, EU institutions, representatives from the book and the education sectors.