There will not be a single university left in Yerevan. Prime Minister of Armenia

In the long term, there should not be a single university in the city of Yerevan, and there should not be a single university outside the “Academic City,” RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said today.

“All Armenian universities should operate only in the Academic City,” he said at a meeting of the Economic Policy Council held in Dilijan. According to Nikol Pashinyan, the problems in the higher education system are deep. He noted that there are 60 universities in Armenia, but if they are certified according to international standards, then
not a single higher educational institution in Armenia will receive certification.

“In this sense, Academic City is an extremely important and strategic project for us,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

According to him, the current university buildings can be merged into one organization and transferred as premises to a management company with an international reputation, and the money received from them will be used to finance the university system.

“Academic City” will consist of 6 areas: educational, artistic, technological, classical, medical and officer (military). The foundation of the same name recently sent working groups formed in the village to universities. According to this document, the Conservatory will be joined in the arts cluster, for example, by the Academy of Arts, the Theater Institute and several cultural institutions. The Conservatory has begun collecting signatures for a petition against this decision.

A few days ago, the rector of the Academy of Arts, Aram Isabekyan, also expressed his opposition to the merger with other universities of the “Academic City”.

It is unclear when “Academic City” will begin to fully function. Although the Minister of Education speaks of 2030, a representative of the German company that developed the master plan for the construction of the village indicated a completely different date - 15-20 years later.