California likely to make kindergarten compulsory

California Will Probably Make Kindergarten Mandatory

For students who have not been enrolled in kindergarten, teachers and parents often spend too much time trying to teach "basic skills," the state legislator claims.

Kindergarten may soon become mandatory for California children after a large number of children missed this stage during the Covid-19 pandemic, raising concerns about learning gaps.

The state Senate approved the measure on Monday evening, and if it is signed by Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, it will mean that children will be required to attend kindergarten for a year before going to first grade, starting with the school year 2024-2025, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Currently, children in Golden State have the right to attend kindergarten at the age of five, but are not required to go to school until the age of six.

The new SB 70 law, put forward by Democratic state Senator Susan Rubio, a former teacher, would mean that California would join a group of 19 other states where kindergarten is mandatory.

The bill clarifies that other types of early education do not fall under this requirement, but attendance at both public and private kindergartens will be taken into account.

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