The AITC/EIF Center resumes a social program aimed at developing computer literacy for people over 50

Emphasizing the need for computer literacy of people of all age groups in the modern digital world, the AITC/EIF center has been implementing a social program for 10 years aimed at developing computer literacy of people over 50:
As reported by Armenpress, the goal is to provide basic knowledge to those adults who want to use the computer and the Internet competently.

The course includes the following topics՝

Computer skills (safe and competent use of the computer, operations with files and folders),
Microsoft Office (Word/Excel Basics),
Internet skills (how to use Google and Youtube to independently search for the right materials),
The basics of the Facebook social network (how to send a personal letter, comment, how to share materials, etc.),
Using WhatsApp and Viber apps (how to send a message and how to contact phone contacts via video call or call),
Media literacy on the Internet, in particular, the rules for safe and educated use of Facebook and the culture of communication,
Basic Email Address. email skills (registration and ways to use Gmail).

The course will help you freely, independently and competently use a computer and the Internet, as well as find the necessary information via the Internet.

The deadline for submitting applications is February 10, you can register here.

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