The Association of representatives of the security sector and military sports has issued a statement

This week, the public organization "Association of representatives of the security sphere and military sports", created by representatives of the security sphere, military sports and educational sectors of Armenia in 2022, announced its vision and priority goals.

The founding members of the association are the scientific–educational-strategic NGO "Vysotsk", the military–sports NGO "Arshakuni", the NGO "scientific–educational organization of survival"Hank", the military–educational NGO "Azatazen", the Democratic Platform Foundation, the military–patriotic NGO "The Art of Survival", an expert on military and National security Hrachya Arzumanyan and lawyer, military expert Narek Nersisyan.

The association participated in the development of a number of legislative initiatives in the sphere, as well as in the creation of the "Armenian Peace" fund-raising and cooperation platform aimed at the development of the sphere.

"Within the framework of its activities, the association is currently actively working towards the formation of a legislative and strategic field necessary for a comprehensive defense and security system of Armenia, as well as the creation of a wide range of cooperation," said Gayane Hayrapetyan, director of the association.

Among the goals of the association are the protection of common rights and the service of interests through the association of persons dealing with military and security issues and carrying out activities in related fields, research, development and implementation of existing problems in the field of security and related areas, ways, means, forms and methods of solving them, cooperation with local and foreign associations and others fundamental principles.

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