About us
Yerevan State College of Humanities was founded in 1881.
Director: Kristine Gagik Abrahamyan.

The college is taught by top professionals
Form of education - stationary
College graduates are awarded an RA state diploma

The college, within the framework of its business plan, has done a huge amount of work both in terms of content and material-technical base development.

The college cooperates with the following employers and international institutions
1. Nairit Factory - CJSC
2. Eco Prof - LLC
3. Karardshin Trest Company
4. Reveg LLC
5. RA Dental Technical Association
6. IE "Gayane Sargsyan"
7. RA National Consumer Protection Association
8. RA state and non-state universities
9. Kazan State University
10. Swedish Nunos Organization.

The college helps the best graduates get jobs.

- competition for state-ordered places with only entrance exams,
- admission to paid places will be done by the school graduation certificate results competition. an applicant with an honors certificate has the privilege,
- applicants who failed university entrance exams and were left out of the competition can apply from August 12-31.

College students complete their internships at the most prestigious institutions in the field.
The needy are provided with a hostel.
Admission to all majors will be made with nine or twelve years of education.

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