About us
The AMI was founded in 1990.
The AIT was founded in 2001 (RA Higher Education and Science Ministry license N 0006.
State accreditation number: 154
Founder: L.V.Andreasyan; M.A. Astabacyan, PhD, associate professor; L.G. Asatryan, PhD, associate professor; G.H. Mkhoyan.
Staff of the lecturers includes 4 academicians, 21 doctors of medical sciences, 52 candidates of medical sciences, senior lecturers.

Way of education is daytime.

The graduates are awarded a state diploma for Bachelor and Master levels.

State order, discounts and previliges are determined for children of soldiers, fallen in action during the Artsakh War.

* Armenian Medical Institute (AMI) is the first private medical institution in CIS, founded in 1990.
* Nowadays there are 45 chairs and cycles, and about 150 specialists working there. 21 of them are doctors of sciences, professors, 4 academicians of RA National Academy of Sciences, 7 members of foreign Academies.
* Main clinical base of AMI is situated in "Erebuni" medical center.
* Graduates of AMI (now) successfully work in RA and different countries abroad.
* AMI has 2 departments – curative and denistral.
Duration of the course in the curative department is 6 years, in the denistral - 5 years.
* Institute is provided with all the conditions for necessary education level, one of which is its library.

* Teaching languages are Armenian and Russian. Entrants who do not speak these languages are to learn
Russian or Armenian and medical terminology for a year in the preparatory course.
* Academic year lasts from September 1st to till July 1st. It consists of 2 semesters. The students have winter holidays (February) and summer holidays (August).

* AMI accepts entrants with secondary technical education.

* The entrants exams have exams in chemistry or biology.
* Entrants should fill in an application form. Attachement of the original certificate of secondary education and 6 photos (3x4) is demanded.

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