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  The "European University of Armenia" foundation was founded in 2001 on the basis of agreements signed between the Government of the Republic of Armenia and a number of prestigious international organizations. As an international university, the European University of Armenia (EUA) adopted an up-to-date teaching structure, combining international leading experience and the best traditions of the local education system. Already today, the EUA has a three-level education system with full-time and part-time educational programs for both Armenian and foreign applicants.
         The European University of Armenia implements:
•    16 bachelor's educational programs,
•    15 master's educational programs,
•    4 postgraduate educational programs.
         The scientific and educational scale of the University was limited only to the city of Yerevan, they also included the regions of Armenia. As a result, the University established branches in Gyumri, Vanadzor, Ijevan and Kapan, thus expanding the scope of competitive education exports.
         Guided by the emphasized priority of making education in Armenia attractive and competitive, it became a priority for the University to deepen external relations and expand the partnership network. The internationalization of the University and the strengthening of its reputation in the European educational space were greatly facilitated by the membership in the European Association of Higher Education Institutions (EURASHE), of which the University became a member in 2018.
         A believer in the internationalization of the University and the deepening of partnership relations, the relations and agreements reached with a number of foreign universities since the day of the University's establishment, among which we can mention EURAC Research Center in Bolzano, Italy, EKLYA School of Business of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Lyon, France, and HYBRIA - Institute of Business & Technologies, Lyon, France, Poliarte – Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ancona, Italy, Chelsea Business School in England and other educational institutions. It is noteworthy that some of them are founders of the University and members of the Board of Trustees.
         At the domestic level, the University also records significant achievements, signing bilateral agreements related to the development of educational infrastructures, training of professors, teaching of foreign languages, publication of educational and methodological manuals, holding of seminars and conferences and many other undertakings. Here is one of them, the tripartite agreement signed between the leading companies Vivacell-MTS and Synopsys Armenia, thanks to which in 2011, the Chair of Microelectronic Circuits and Systems, equipped with modern furniture, hardware and software, was opened at EUA.
         Starting from 2023-2024 academic years, the University implements additional international educational programs in all its specialties, as a result of which we award a state-accredited model diploma of academic education and our partners award a diploma of professional education, which is mainly based on the development of personal skills and practical abilities and the demands of the labor market on.
          According to the Decision No. 55 of the RA MօESCS Accreditation Commission of July 24, 2021, the EUA was granted institutional accreditation for a period of 4 years (Certificate No. 51).

The main ADVANTAGES are:
  •     International University
  •     State Accreditation
  •     State Diploma
  •     Educational programs with European standards
  •     Two diploma and specialization educational programs with leading European educational organizations
  •     Mobility programs with the best European universities
  •     Member of the European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (EURASHE) (the only one in Armenia)
  •     Full member of the International Educational Research Alliance
  •     Foreign partners in different countries of the world
  •     Quality education in accordance with European standards and guidelines
  •     Exchange programs with prestigious European and international universities
  •     Advanced English learning
  •     Teaching professional courses in English
  •     Innovative teaching and learning methods.

The following specialties are currently operating at EUA․
  •  Information Technology
  •     Information Technology
  •     Information Systems
  •     Information Security
  •     Informatics (Robotics and Intelligent Systems)
  •     Management
  •     Economics and Business Development
  •     Marketing Finance and Banking
  •     Law
  •     International Relations and Diplomacy
  •     Graphic Design
  •     Architecture and Landscape Design
  •     Psychology
  •     Tourism and Hotel Business
  •     Linguistics (Professional Translation)
  •     Professional Pedagogy (English Language and Literature)
  •     Education Management.

There is a PRE-PREPARATION DEPARTMENT for all professions, the DURATION of STUDY is     1 academic year. Having undergone a rebranding in 2021, EUA comes up with a new motto: DISCOVER EUROPEAN EDUCATIONAL VALUES AND BUILD THE FUTURE TODAY. It has external partners in various countries around the world.

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