About us
It was founded in 1993 as a Base medical college of the Yerevan Economic and Juridical University, and
since 2006 - "Grigoris" medical and humanitarian college.
RA Ministry of Health License N: K - XX - 000037 of 2006
Director - Irina Mkrtichi Vardanyan
Form of education - stationary

Students’ council, specialized groups, sports, song and dance clubs acting in the college

College prepares qualified specialists in all fields, who later can work in any field they have chosen. Big
attention is paid to the intellectual and spiritual development of students.
College students spend their internships in medical institutions of different parts of the country.
The college closely cooperates with educational institutions of the same name in France, Lithuania,
Estonia, Georgia, and Latvia.
A short-term course is also organized in the college in following specialties (15-45 days).
1. Junior nurse
2. Masseur

College students in all majors study the following programs:
MS Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Internet.
The college has a rich material and technical base: laboratories, a library with a reading room, a gym, a
medical center, an assembly hall, computer classes, a preclinical patient care room, a dental clinic, a
medical laboratory, a dental office.

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