About us
Founded in 1990y. State License N 0-50, 206, 200, 185.
Ministry of Health License N K-XX-000007. State Accreditation N 122.
Founder: Academician Levon Harutyunyan.
Rector: Suren Harutyunyan

University Academic Staff:
99 Doctor of Science and PhD, docents.
The education form is internal, external
The graduates are awarded a graduation diploma of state bachelor's degree, master of science and graduate specialist.

Training: undergraduate with continuous and integrated master's programs.
The university operates:
Quality Assurance Center, student parliament, clinic, library, computer center

Relations with foreign countries:

The countries of the European Union, Russia, USA, Canada, Iran, India. According to the current agreement, admission is organized for student exchange programs with foreign universities.
"Shirakatsi" Branch of "Haybusak" University
Address: Gyumri, Sayat-Nova st. 1, Tel.: (312) 5-93-94
Free seats are set (on a competitive basis) and discounts on tuition fees:
1. at a rate of 30% for applicants by July 15;
2. at a rate of 20% for applicants from July 15 to August 15;
3. in the amount of 10% for applicants from August 15 to September 15.

Graduates are awarded a state diploma.

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