About us
International Accountancy Training Centre" educational fund was established in Yerevan in 1998 with funding supplied under the European Union's "Tacis" aid program. Today IATC has become one of the leading institutions in the sphere of Accountancy, Management and Business training in Armenia. The goal of the centre is to train specialists that meet today's requirements of national and international standards.
Rerctor: Hasmik Mels Sahakyan

The length of our Full Time Master Degree Course is 2 years.
The tuition fee is 560 000 AMD per annum.

Our Master Degree Course successfully completed state accreditation process in 2007 (State Accreditation Certificates № 181, 182). On the completion of the course the participants are awarded with a state diploma.

The applicants should posses at least bachelor degree of state or private accredited institutions. Timing is optional. We have morning, as well as evening courses. The admission is based on the interview results.

Peculiarities of the 'IATC' Fund Master Course program:
- The course syllabus meets the requirements of international and national professional examination bodies;
- The best specialists in the field of Accounting, Business Law, Taxation and Auditing are delivering training at the Centre;
- Centre supports its students for successful career development, which is mainly realized through internships programs that are designed along with the best organizations in Armenia;
- Centre supports its students for further employment;
- Centre has 5 fully equipped classrooms, computer classroom, and a rich professional library;
- More than 90% of our graduates are provided with the relevant jobs.

The necessary documents for admission are:
- An application;
- Diploma and a copy of diploma;
- Diploma inset and a copy of diploma inset;
- A copy of passport;
- 3X4 size 2 photos.

"IATC" Fund also provides:
The duration of Beginners' course is 3 months. The course includes the following modules.
- Accounting Framework and Main Accounting Standards of the RA;
- Chart of Accounts;
- Tax System;
- Practical Accounting with accounting software packages / ''AS Accountant'' or ''1C –Enterprise''/.

The duration of the course is 2.5 months: The course program is designed according to the State Certification Examination of the Ministry Finance of the RA, which covers the following modules:
- Accounting Standards of the RA (ASRA) and Chart of Accounts;
- Tax System of the RA;
- Audit Framework;
- Business Law.

- International Financial Reporting Standards /IFRS/;
- Business Law;
- Labor Code;
- Tax Legislation of RA;
- Financial Statements;
- Financial Management;
- Economics;
- Audit Standards;
- Cost Accounting;
- Bank Accounting;
- Insurance Accounting;
- Issues of intellectual property rights;
- Computer courses / Windows Word, Excel, Access /.

The participants are provided with necessary books and training materials which are developed by the International Accountancy Training Centre. The groups are formed periodically. Participants are awarded with certificates upon the completion of the course.

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