The branch was founded in 1959 by the Armenian Soviet Socialistic Republic government order.

Director - Armen Gerasim Kharatyan, candidate of technical sciences, docent.
University teachers' staff includes 5 doctors, 2 professor, 27 candidates
Total number of students is 723 (April, 2017)
Education way is daytime and distance.
Graduates of the University are provided with state diplomas after completing the whole course of the studies.
The University has its own Student council and student clubs.

Bachelor's degree.
The duration of the course is 4 years. The graduates of the University are provided with state diplomas and bachelor engineer qualification, due to the specialties.
Taking into close consideration the hard social- economic situation in the country, the defined tuition fee is considerably less as compared to the Yerevan Universities. Reduction in tuition fee is defined for the paid faculties of paid education making a stress upon the progress in the course of the education and social conditions. For the children of University staff 80% reduction of the tuition fee is defined.
For outstanding students namely scholarships are defined by group of Diaspora organizations.

2 departments function in the branch:
I and II years of the study is devoted to the general education,
and the III, IV years to specialty education.

The graduates of the University acquire 11 specialties 4 of which is bachelor degree/ engineering/ and the rests are qualified specialists with state diploma.
Approximately 80% of the engineers in the region are the graduates of the above-mentioned University.
The graduates of the University successfully find their places in different spheres of RA economy.
The University is provided with a rich library, furnished laboratories, computer science study rooms with modern equipment.

University students acquire a military service delay in the course of the study.

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