Form of study: full-time (stationary)
Graduates are awarded a state diploma
Director: Kamo Ruben Ambartsumyan

The building of Yerevan State Vocational School No. 4 was put into operation in 1972.
Training is carried out for 3 years on the basis of the common (general) admission. Students receive
secondary and vocational education. On-the-job training is provided both on and off campus. Many of
the students continue their education in higher education institutions, gaining excellent work
The educational center hosts educational workshops where students apply theoretical knowledge in

The following professions are taught:

  • Culinary
  • Operation and repair of vehicles
  • Testing of electrical devices, machines and equipment
  • Operation and technology of woodworking production equipment
  • Hairdressing and artistic makeup
  • Confectionery technology
  • Jewelry making
  • Welding technology

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