Form of study: full-time (stationary)
Graduates are awarded a state diploma
Director: Lusine Artsrun Barseghyan

The Yerevan State Craft School of Ornamental Art (former vocational school No. 10) teaches national
decorative and applied arts: wood carving, metal carving, miniature painting, decorative work and
design, jewelry making, tapestry embroidery, hairdressing and decorative makeup, as well as operation
and repair of vehicles.

The college provides training in the following professions:

• Jewelry making
• Making carpets and laces
• Painting and sculpture
• Artwork and design
• Operation and repair of vehicles
• Hairdressing services and decorative makeup
• Ceramics

The main goal of the school is to train specialists in accordance with state educational standards for
various spheres of public life, the comprehensive development of man and citizen, brought up in the
spirit of national and universal values.

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